The Impeccable Mr. Happy

Original title Den förträfflige herr Glad

Directed by Kaisa Penttilä

Length 20min

Genre animation

Year of production 2014

Production country Finland

Starring Max Bremer, Sue Lemström, Sam Huber, Sidner Olin

Written by Malin Kivelä

Animators Jan Andersson, Jyrki Kanto, Kaisa Penttilä

Editing Jussi Rautaniemi

Sound Design Karri Niinivaara

Composer Pessi Levanto

Producers Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff / Bufo

Whatever Mr. Happy does, it involves making his surroundings happy. In this you could call Mr. Happy a success. But when the night comes, he stargazes alone and wanders: “Will I ever become someone’s Cassio to their Peia?”. So when Miss Lemon moves downstairs, Mr. Happy saves no effort to make a sour person happy, and himself as well. This will take a lot of time, smiles and a special pastry from a singing baker.

Den förträfflige herr Glad was originally published as an illustrated children’s book in Finland in Swedish (Schildts & Söderströms, 2004).