Night of the Living Dicks

Directed by Ilja Rautsi

Genre horror, comedy

Status of Production In post-production

Production Countries Finland, Denmark

Starring Sonja Kuittinen, Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä, Roosa Söderholm, Tommi Korpela, Tanja Heinänen, Pelle Heikkilä, Karim Rapatti, Kari Hietalahti

Written by Ilja Rautsi

Director of Photography Kerttu Hakkarainen

Production Design Santtu Toivola

Make-Up & SFX Make-Up Design Salla Yli-Luopa

Costume Design Roosa Marttiini

Editing Jussi Rautaniemi F.C.E.

Sound Design Karri Niinivaara

Composer Martin Dirkov

Producers Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari

Co-Producers Peter Hyldahl, Asbjørn H. Kelstrup / Beofilm

Associate Producer Jani Lehtinen / Valofirma

Production Company Bufo

Night of the Living Dicks is a short black and white horror comedy about Venla, who’s fed up with getting dick pics on the internet. She finds a pair of glasses that reveal which men are real dicks. But as the dick monsters realize Venla can see their true form, they chase her and Venla must confront an explosive nightmare of genitals and gender roles.

Coming in 2021.