Original title Korso

Directed by Akseli Tuomivaara

Length 83min

Genre Drama

Year of production 2014

Production country Finland

Starring Mikko Neuvonen, Iiro Panula, Niko Vakkuri, Richmond Ghansah, Iida Lampela, Petri Manninen

Written by Kirsikka Saari, Jenni Toivoniemi

Director of Photography Juice Huhtala

Production Design Antti Nikkinen

Costume Design Jouni Mervas

Make-up Design Pia Mikkonen

Editing Jussi Rautaniemi

Sound Design Karri Niinivaara

Composer Matti Pentikäinen

Music Supervisor Otso Kähönen

Producers Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff / Bufo

Co-producer Elli Toivoniemi / Tuffi Films

20-year-old Markus dreams about becoming a streetball star in New York, but in reality he passes his time playing with his friends and hanging around the Korso suburb. His steady life takes a turn when his little sister Heta brings home her new boyfriend, Jojo, who is originally from Congo.

The self-assured sixth-former Jojo threatens Markus’ status as the only man in the family and laughs at his dreams. As Heta spends time with Jojo, she starts to see her brother with Jojo’s eyes: as a loser, who has dropped out of school, got stuck in the suburb, and who cannot get a grip of his life. The sex noises coming from Heta’s room certainly do not bring the siblings any closer.

In order to save his face, Markus ends up borrowing the travel money to New York from Murikka, a local crook. When the debts are due, Markus’ trust in himself is put to the test. In the end, Markus puts himself and his friends at stake in order to prove that his dream is everything but stupid.