Concrete Night

Original title Betoniyö

Directed by Pirjo Honkasalo

Length 96 min

Genre Drama

Year of production 2013

Production countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark

Starring Johannes Brotherus, Jari Virman, Juhan Ulfsak, Anneli Karppinen

Written by Pirjo Honkasalo, Pirkko Saisio (adapted from Pirkko Saisio’s novel Betoniyö published in 1981)

Director of Photography Peter Flinckenberg F.S.C.

Production Design Pentti Valkeasuo

Costume Design Saija Siekkinen

Make-up Design Pia Mikkonen

Editing Niels Pagh Andersen

Sound Design Jan Alvermark

Composers Karl Frid, Pär Frid

Producers Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff / Bufo

Co-producers Erik Hemmendorff, Marie Kjellson / Plattform Produktion, Lise Lense-Møller, Cecilia Valsted / Magic Hour Films

Concrete Night opens in a cramped, concrete-jungle home. Ilkka, the elder of the two brothers, is leaving to serve a prison sentence. During Ilkka’s last 24 hours of freedom, his younger brother, vulnerable Simo, follows the brother he admires through the fateful events of that night.

Pirjo Honkasalo’s bold and perceptive urban film is a dream-like odyssey about a fragile mind of a young boy and the loss of innocence. Honkasalo wrote the film script based on the merciless novel Betoniyö by Pirkko Saisio, which was published in 1981. The 30-year-old novel foreshadows life today.

Concrete Night received its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in the prestigious Masters Series in 2013, and was Finland’s official entry for the Oscars and Golden Globes in 2014. In addition, cinematographer Peter Flinckenberg won the American Society of Cinematographers’ Spotlight Award for his work in Concrete Night. Other recognitions include the International Jury award for Best feature film at Pula Film Festival, six Jussi Awards (best film, director, cinematograhy, production design, sound design, editing) and nomination for the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2014.