Northern Mishaps

(Napamiehet) 9 episode TV-series
Directed by Janne Reinikainen
Available in Ruutu+ on March 6th 2015


Northern Mishaps is a comedy-drama about two front-row actors and best friends trying to cope with approaching middle-age, their curious obsessions and even hysterical fear of death. Situation calls for epic deeds, and they end up planning the biggest adventure of their lives – to reach the North Pole by running. They will be the first Finnish actors ever to do it, and proud of it.

But before they face the Arctic, they need to train hard, gather a few hundred thousand euros, and sort their complicated private lives. During the long run, the guys will face moments of joy, desperation, sexual frustration and total exhaustion – and how will the men feel when they have finally accomplished their run?